Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Pregnancy

A new pregnancy is exciting and brings with it the classic discussions about morning sickness, food cravings, and having that “special glow. However, few consider how the quality of their sleep may worsen as a result of pregnancy. The National Sleep Foundation’s Women and Sleep poll showed that 78 percent of women had more sleep […]

Why Using Your CPAP Every Night Is Important

CPAP is an effective treatment for OSA. It is used around the globe, across different cultures and ages, however compliance remains a significant problem with an estimated 29 to 83 % of patients using it for less than four hours a night Across numerous studies, it appears that patients use their CPAP, an average of […]

Humidity or No Humidity!!

Should I use my CPAP’s humidifier or not? What is the purpose of the CPAP humidifier? Can the humidifier help me with my allergies? If these are some of the questions on your mind, this paper has the answers. The CPAP humidifier is not only used in the cold and dry season but it can […]

Cleaning Your CPAP

Here are helpful hints to make it easy to care for your CPAP for optimal treatment. Daily Cleaning Wash the cushion of the mask and nasal pillows with warm soapy water Cleaning your mask will  remove facial oils to optimize your mask’s seal Make sure the water in the humidifier is replaced nightly! Allow the […]

CPAP Machine Heated Humidifier: Reasons, Indications, and Uses

You might be familiar with humidifiers in the home, and you may even use one yourself. Household humidifiers help to add moisture to the air. In some parts of the U.S., they are essential wintertime survival tools. Not only do they help the air inside your home feel warmer, but it also helps do all […]

How Oxygen Therapy Can Help

Patients who have asthma use nebulizers to open their airways during attacks, but oxygen is usually prescribed to patients who experience those attacks on a frequent basis. Your doctor will advise you if your asthma is severe enough to necessitate oxygen therapy as a form of treatment, as it requires a very major lifestyle adjustment. […]

Living with Supplemental Oxygen

More than 26 million Americans have asthma and experience difficulty breathing everyday. For some it is only a minor annoyance that can be overlooked, but for others it is a major issue that negatively impacts their everyday lives. Asthma cannot be cured and can worsen over time, leading to other respiratory complications and increasing the […]


Women’s risk for developing OSA increases as they transition through menopause. Women are three times more likely to have post-menopausal sleep apnea than pre-menopausal. Reasons for post-menopausal OSA include weight gain and unclear hormonal changes. Prior to menopause many women may develop upper airway resistance syndrome, which can develop into sleep apnea after menopause. Women […]

Who is a sleep doctor?

A sleep doctor is a medical doctor who has additional special training in sleep medicine. Typically, the doctor is primarily trained in internal medicine, pulmonology or neurology and then completed additional training in sleep medicine. In order to be boarded (ie: certified or credentialed) in sleep medicine, the doctor must pass a rigorous exam (you […]

Your Primary Care Physician May or May Not Manage Sleep Issues

The primary care physician is usually considered a generalist who will refer patients with specific medical conditions out to specialist for disease management; however, many of these doctors are now managing many medical conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension themselves without referring to a specialist. This also applies to sleep.Some physicians will manage the sleep […]