Why Using Your CPAP Every Night Is Important

CPAP is an effective treatment for OSA. It is used around the globe, across different cultures and ages, however compliance remains a significant problem with an estimated 29 to 83 % of patients using it for less than four hours a night Across numerous studies, it appears that patients use their CPAP, an average of five hours a night.

Early education and support from your therapist are important factors in helping you succeeding with your treatment. In new patients just starting treatment, the first three to four days will determine how they do with their CPAP therapy.

Once CPAP therapy is initiated, it is very important to continue with it. Even one night of not using your CPAP may mitigate the benefits of CPAP therapy, and increase your risk of;

  •   Daytime sleepiness & fatigue
  • Morning headaches
  • Memory loss & concentration
  • Hypertension & stroke


A study of 41 patients with OSA, who had been using CPAP for one year, randomly assigned subjects to two groups. The first group did not use their CPAP for two weeks, and the second group was allowed to use their CPAP every night. Results concluded that, patients who did not sleep with their CPAP led to more apneas and hypopneas within the first night, increased blood pressure and morning heart rate within two weeks

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